'Trig' Sleeve Notes

Sleeve Notes for Tannara's Debut Album- Trig
Artwork by Graeme MacDonald

Josie Duncan and Pablo Lafuente Band Bio

2017 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winners Josie Duncan and Pablo Lafuente are a duo like no other. 

Calling the Isle of Lewis and Spain home respectively, its no wonder their music doesn’t focus on one place, on one of the many strands of Scotland’s web of traditions. 

They are well traveled, and well versed, in music from across the land. On guitar, and vocals in Gaelic, Scots and English, their music is a round tour, where centuries old ballads meet Gaelic puirt a beul, songs from the mines and cotton mills, as well as some original writing. 

Josie's voice, crystal clear. With its slight island twang, equally at home in any of these domains. Accompanied by Pablo's dynamic, sensitive guitar playing, the music proves at times sparse and haunting, at others driving and all consuming, leaving audiences stunned. 

Since joining forces in 2016 they’ve taken the scene by storm, quickly becoming an in-demand live act at festivals and venues across the country. In their short time together they’ve had performances at Celtic Connections and a live broadcast on BBC Radio 2. 

Their debut EP: Half of What You See, was released in December 2016 by Skye Records. 

With a debut album in the works, and upcoming appearances at Hebcelt, Cambridge Folk Festival and Fairport's Cropredy Convention, the duo’s success are only set to continue. 

Project Smok Band Bio

Project Smok is a new endeavour for Ali Levack and Pablo Lafuente. With complete knowledge of their craft, their music is a masterful melding of whistle and guitar. 

Levack's firebrand whistle playing sounds as though it owes as much to the influence of the great jazz wind players as it does to his roots in Scottish music. It’s a long way from the tradition in which he grew up, where learned his craft as a Highland bagpiper at the feet of masters. The mastery has translated; he pushes his instrument to new heights, with fiery improvisation and total virtuosity. Levack's accompaniment comes from Pablo Lafuente; a rhythmic, groove filled guitar style that perfectly compliments his whistle playing. 

Project Smok’s debut album, I, is slated for release in the spring of 2018. As well as their own input, it features the bodhran playing of the legendary Martin O’Neill. His appearance reflects the collaborative aspect of Project Smok. In this recording, and at live shows, the duo plan to draw upon connections within the vibrant Scottish folk scene to host a series of guest artists, a plan that will see the best of the best join them on stage.  

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach Band Bio

They have a background at the heart of some of Scotland’s native musical traditions, but Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach’s music is as much based on self-penned material as it is informed by this upbringing. 

A captivating fiddle style supported by sensitive pianism isn’t big, loud, in-your-face music, but something to be relaxed in to. It’s a journey, rising and falling with total spontaneity. 

They play with a collective voice, the product of hundreds of gigs, thousands of miles travelled and innumerable hours of music played together. From a largely mellow base, the music rises and falls, slowly building to moments of intensity, breaking away in to powerful improvisation. 

Their album, ‘Waves Rise From Quiet Water’ captures the essential fiddle/piano combination, with a number of additions. As well as fiddle and piano there is: Tenor guitar, accordion, fender rhodes and vocals. Making full use of the range of instruments we have at our disposal, we built upon this intrinsic fiddle/piano combination, enhancing it whilst not obscuring the fact of it's place at the core of what they do. 

Peach/Skeoch Band Bio

PeachSkeoch is the imaginatively named, brand spanking new Scottish accordion/harp duo of Tannara members: Joseph Peach and Becca Skeoch. 

Creative the name may not be, but the same definitely can’t be said for the music. The project is an outlet for all sorts of crazy. Like mischievous siblings, the duo push each other, egging each other on making themselves, their instruments and their music form new ways of working together and create original sounds. 

No-one has been able to pinpoint the cause of the eccentric streak which runs through their music.  Becca reports that it certainly wasn’t her upbringing in the sleepy village of Fort Augustus, where playing piano and harp in the Féis band was as exciting as things got. Similarly for Joe, from the even smaller, sleepier village of Achiltibuie, piping in the Ullapool and District pipe band was never going to be the catalyst for the PeachSkeoch music.

In more recent Glasgow-based years, their work together in the band Tannara hasn’t held too many signs either. The band, who’s debut release- Trig- was recently long listed for Hand’s Up For Trad’s 2016 Album of the Year and shortlisted for their Up and Coming act of the year award, innovates in it’s own way, but it’s far less excitable! 

Regardless of where the crazy came from, it’s a feature of PeachSkeoch. Taking melodies from Scotland, England and Scandinavia, by some of their favourite writers for accordion and harp, and approaching them from their unique viewpoint, PeachSkeoch are an audience’s delight. It’s a rare instrumental combination, powered by two distinctive musicians that creates something, the likes of which you’ll ever have heard before. 

Their debut, self titled recording was produced by guitarist Innes White who’s performance and recording credits include work with: John McCusker, Karen Matheson, Kris Drever and Heidi Talbot,  and features Calum McIntyre of The Banana Sessions and Adam Holmes and the Embers on percussion and drumkit.