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I’m grateful to be involved/ have connections with some brilliant people and organisations, here are a few of them.

Braw Sailin’

Braw Sailin’ is run by Becca Skeoch and myself. It’s an artist led collective which exists to provide management, agency and label services to the acts with which we’re involved. It is a group of independent artists who’ve pooled experiences and resources, to create a long term, sustainable solution for these areas.

Highland Accordions

Murray at Highland accordions is brilliant. He works closely with manufacturers in Castelfidardo to produce beautiful instruments, and he’s also a meticulous technician. He supplied my gorgeous Brandoni accordion, and takes care of tuning and repairs.

Caribou Recording

Caribou is a fabulous studio, that I love working in. Mattie is a wonderful person, and superb engineer who I’ve been lucky enough to work with as a recording engineer, as well as mixing and mastering things I’ve recorded and produced.

The Touring Network

I’m on the board of the Touring Network. The organisation exists to see rural touring be a central, celebrated and indispensable part of the cultural life of Scotland. They encourage live performances of the highest level, and support people as promoters, performers and audiences to create vibrant places to live, work and visit.

Mary McCarthy

Mary is my piano teacher, but to describe her as that doesn’t fully do her role in my piano and creative life justice. The past six years with her have been transformative, in many ways. I studied with her over undergrad and postgrad degrees, and continue to see her as regularly as I can. She’s a world class pianist, teacher and person.

Ronald Stevenson Society

Ronald is a big hero of mine. A giant of the keyboard, and a brilliant mind, writer and composer. I was lucky to spend my masters degree on some of his music music, but this was only really scratching the surface- he is still, and hopefully will forever remain a source of fascination, inspiration and joy.

Isaac English - Piano Tuner

Isaac has looked after my piano since I first bought it, he’s great.

Bhoga Frois

A project celebrating LGBT+ Voices in Folk. I was lucky to be part of a gig of this at Celtic Connections in 2019, which was amazing, moving and totally inspiring. This is a really important and brilliant thing.

Birnam CD

Birnam are a class Scotland based CD/Vinyl manufacturing firm. I’ve worked with them on a number of projects and have found their quality and customer service second to none.

Ceilidh Place

A wonderful venue in Ullapool, next door to my hometown of Achitibuie. They have been so generously supportive of me and my musical endeavours over the years.