Owen Sinclair (Guitar/Vocals), Becca Skeoch (Clarsach), Robbie Greig (Fiddle) and Joseph Peach (Accordion). 

They are four independent musical minds that have found a common ground in writing and arranging progressive new music. At the heart of it are their original compositions, which are joined by modern tunes, traditional ballads and musical lessons learned from within, but also, far beyond the tradition.  

Native to different corners Scotland: Orkney, Fort Augustus, Achiltibuie and Edinburgh, they converged in Glasgow. All entangled within Scotland’s rich web of traditions but each with very different experiences. 

Not only independent musical minds but unique instrumentalists, Tannara create and utilise a huge range of sounds. There are vocals that have drawn comparison to Eddie Vedder in his Pearl Jam days, loud, fast and inventive harp playing- far from the instrument’s usual delicate associations. Accordion and fiddle go from being united in the melody to creating an array of different sounds and textures. The accordion with an organ-like warmth and fulness, and the fiddle with a precision derived from Robbie’s classical training, combined with deep love of Irish fiddle music.   

In their youngest years, the quartet’s experience came from immersion in traditional music in it’s native form. From a listener’s point of view, what they do now is very different: Considered, complex music. It’s folk music for the 21st century.  

It is far from disconnected from this past though. It’s the result, the end product, of this experience. It’s got the same vital energy as it did when Owen, Becca, Joe and Robbie were kids, playing sessions in the: pubs, village halls and living rooms of their respective homes, with a sheer love of what they do. 

And this comes across live. It’s vibrant and lively: Four big musical personalities bouncing off each other to create big sounds. Their music has a vital energy: From big loud fast sets of tunes to moments of knot in stomach beauty. They’ve been the delight of audiences at festivals and venues across Europe thus far.

Tannara's debut album 'Trig' was longlisted for 'Album of the Year' at the 2016 Scots Trad Music Awards. The band were also shortlisted for 'Up and Coming Act of The Year'.

It's possible to listen to, watch connect with on social media and buy the band's album below.

Tannara are represented by TRJ management, all booking enquiries should be directed to Kelda Manley: 

"Simply Outstanding"- Living Tradition Magazine

"One of Scotland's brightest up and coming bands". Stonehaven Folk Festival

"Playing smart, imaginative arrangements with verve" The Herald